When you run your own business, learning how to do payroll can create a range of emotions you may be excited because you are now successful enough to have to hire a staff, and yet working through the issues to complete the payroll process itself can be daunting. Payroll is one of the main reasons that businesses hire accountants like those at CDL Accounting, LLC.

So many things are required to complete payroll. Not only do the employee's hours have to be tracked and verified, but local, state and federal payroll tax laws have to be taken into consideration and the proper deductions have to be maintained so that year end forms are accurate for tax preparation. It is critical that you start off with a comprehensive payroll system that will give you the flexibility you need as the demands of your business changes without becoming so burdensome that you spend more time on payroll issues than on your business.

For that reason, CDL Accounting, LLC handles payroll issues for small businesses. With our experience, we can assist you in setting up your payroll system correctly and managing the paperwork from each employee that documents how many hours they have worked. We can also assist you with making deductions from your employee's pay for things such as Social Security, income tax and healthcare, and help each of your employees determine what deductions might apply to them, leaving them with more money out of each paycheck and you with the assurance that your payroll is being done accurately and fairly. In addition, CDL Accounting, LLC also will help you in closing out employee accounts when they leave your business and we can take care of your W-2 and 1099 needs as well.

Payroll is one area that as a small business owner, you want to make sure you have right. Don't worry about your payroll for one more day. Contact us to learn how CDL Accounting, LLC can assist you with your payroll needs, protecting you, your business and your employees.