Taxes. For most people, tax time can be full of stress. With constant changes to the tax code, trying to figure out your taxes accurately can be a real challenge. Areas where businesses and individuals face tax questions include:
  • Regular individual tax returns. Changes to college credits, environmental credits and a myriad of common errors can make doing your own taxes difficult. With CDL Accounting, LLC, you'll know that you have paid the correct amount of taxes, taking advantage of the appropriate deductions as well as having your return properly prepared and filed.

  • Payroll taxes. If you have a small business that includes part-time or full-time employees, then payroll taxes are regular part of doing business for you. CDL Accounting, LLC can assist you in making sure that you are withholding the correct amount of payroll tax, as well as local, state and federal tax for each employee.

  • Corporate taxes. CDL Accounting, LLC is available to assist you in filing taxes for your business, no matter whether it is an LLC or a Corporation. Our client-focused service will make tax time as streamlined as possible, allowing you to get back to work
Don't let tax time become filled with stress. At CDL Accounting, LLC, we work with individuals and small businesses to take the stress out of tax preparation and tax deadlines. Whether you need an individual tax return created, need to create a system for estimated payments or need to have a return for your sole proprietorship, LLC or corporation created, we are happy to help.