Why Use An Accounting Service?

There are a myriad of reasons that you should consider using an accounting service to manage your company's books, file tax returns, take care of payroll and deal with your personal tax issues.

If you have complex questions regarding your small business, then having an accountant that you can call who is familiar with your situation can be a great help. This is especially true if you run your own business. Having an accountant can assist you in keeping track of tax-deductible expenses, making sure your books are in order, completing payroll and submitting tax returns, all while you spend your time building your business. Knowing that your books are up to date not only relieves stress on you as a business owner, but gives you a clear picture as to the health of your business and where changes can make a real difference.

Finally, if you have had any significant transactions or any major life changes during the past year, having an accountant to assist you in making sure that your documentation and returns are prepared properly can not only save you a lot of hassle, but can ensure that you are not overpaying taxes. For instance, if you have bought or sold a property (not a primary residence), converted an IRA, have recently divorced or if your spouse has passed away, then having an accountant review and prepare your returns is highly advantageous.

CDL Accounting, LLC can assist in all of these situations. With our experience in helping both individuals and families, we can come alongside you and give you confidence that your business and individual financial records are being properly maintained. And, with our commitment to customer service, integrity and caring for our clients the way we'd like to be cared for, you will always have someone to call should a question arise. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you simplify your financial reporting and gain a clearer picture of your financial situation.